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Energy Management Traps

and how to avoid them

Why we get it all wrong
The biggest mistake in energy management, in my opinion at least, is that it doesn't address the roots of the problem yet rather cures the symptoms. So, it is recommended to sleep longer, eat better, exercise more, meditate, breathe... But who has time to do all of these? So, if you are anything like I was, and some days still am, instead, you: grab another Monster, or drink your the fifth coffee, maybe take a sleeping pill and lie in your bed starring at the wall through the night. You fall asleep when the moon does, too, and just a moment before your alarm clock rights.
Or maybe you are the opposite? You fall asleep and wake up naturally. You do your yoga every day followed by the newest mix of green master detox smoothies that are supposed to keep you healthy and awakened. You have super foods for lunch and skip dinner. Really, no reason for your heart to be bumping so fast, for the panic to kick in every now and then and for you to feel like you are about to break down.
And yet it happens
Taking care of our body is a great thing, highly recommended, of course. But thinking - this is it - is simply naive. It's like treating the symptoms rather than curing a disease. Seems to be effective in a short distance, but in a long term it is not working and may actually cause more frustration, stress and energy deficiencies.
So what to do instead?
How would you approach your energy if it would be a business project? If you are successful, I bet you would know to get to the real core of the issue. Understand and address it. Make it work efficiently and be reliable. Then do all fluffy stuff to make pretty.
This is where 'Rekindle' starts
With nothing more or less than your corporate hear quarters, also known as your brain. Or, if we go less medically, your mindset.
Yep, who has time for that?
Oh no, not again...
And all other things that go through your head right now. I can relate and I respect that.
However, can you really feel like shit on another important meeting or force yourself through a project at the expense on your own health.
Of course, you can. Have done it so many time, what is another one. Or two. Or even ten. What you do is totally worth it.
I get that, too.
The real questions is:
What do you want?
Do you want to have your energy tank full at all times, ready for you to go and operate on your highest level in order to get done what really matters the most?
Do you want to think quick, make decisions more easily and come up with ideas that will make your business (and your life) flourish?
And maybe, just maybe, you also want to have enough energy to exist outside of the business mode? Realize, appreciate and enjoy the loving relationship you are in, reignite the passion (not fall asleep straight after an orgasm - yes, I've been there), have fun with your friends and one day, actually enjoy the life that you created? One day soon? Before it is too late for all of these to happen and the last thing you see is the side walk as you are falling down in pain and never wake up again.
If so, start at the beginning: with your mindset.
It is profound that you eliminate some thinking habits and social recommendations so that you can be in control of your energy and in your state.
As women, we tend to take on too much responsibilities any ways, mostly those of non existence in the real world. Like, proving that we can make it as women (as if someone else than ourselves ever doubted it), always being perfect, having to nail all that we do, looking gorgeous (yet not in a way that will make anyone assume we want to use our looks to advance our careers) and many, many more... Even coming up with these kind of thoughts is exhausting, and we seem to have this function on auto pilot.
Therefore, doing my work on myself, and supporting my corporate colleagues and subsequently a variety of my coaching clients, I have determined three underlying issues that cause us to feel energetically (and emotionally) drained.
And then, I took them under a microscope, analysed then and found an alternative to all of them. Stylish, sexy, of highest standards. One, that Modern Princess would use.
1. Compromise
While we tend to think that compromise is a civil, nice thing to do, the fact remains that compromising does us more harm than good. Especially, if we compromise our own values, needs or dreams.
2. Goals
To create a goal requires to focus on what is missing, what's wrong or what's not enough. It's a scarcity based model that implies you not being happy with your reality. And one that allows your happiness only past the goal being reached. Oh, wait? Don't you just set up another goal then?
3. Perfectionism
It is important to do things the right way. To be proud of them. Even if you look back at them many years ahead. But, what is more important, is TO DO THINGS. Lack of perfectionism may be as big of a trap as willing for things to be 100% perfect.
Is that you?
Do you find yourself trapped in one of these three habits of modern world? Would that be compromise, goal setting or perfectionism, there is always A BETTER WAY to handle it. I am not saying this is an easy way as for sure it requires changes. And honesty to monitor your state and progress. And discipline to create new habits.
Is it worth it?
It depends. Do you want to fall down one day on your way to the office from your short lunch break and never wake up?
Get your copy of 'Rekindle' - Part 1 now!
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