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Who is Modern Princess?

And what is her secret?

History of Modern Princess
Modern Princess was born one evening when I was watching yet another awesome business-related training on Creative Live. All the sudden, somewhere between how to use Pinterest to maximize my sales and how to make my website work for me, it hit me.
This is how a Modern Princess was born. A woman who knows how to make her ways in this world, world that develops so fast, is so amazing and always changes.

More people than any time in our history. More money than ever. More information. More possibility.

More ignorance & lost chances. More energy wasted. More bullshit.

We live in truly amazing times, at the edge of a new era that big that we barely embrace it yet. For this, we need new solutions: respecting our past to understand the roots, positively future oriented to have goals and present-hedonistic oriented to have energy and to enjoy them. Modern Princess came to live to synergize past, present and future. So that we live. Not only work.


Modern is all about the abundance of ideas, thoughts and technology. Being aware of them, enjoying them, playing with them, enhancing them if possible and translating them into applicable systems. It’s about creating and living a life of new rules, where variables like primary language, geographical location, income, to some extent age are your choice. Everything from what is on your plate for dinner tonight, to what information you let in, to how long you work, to people around you, to what charities you support – all is your choice.

Can you see the possibilities? Can you see the freedom that is as easy to execute and enjoy as it never was?

Modern Princess is able to translate newest technologies, solution, social trends and even the ideas that seem to be most crazy. She knows how to avoid energy draining traps. I am here for you to share my personal experience of execution of the new life, one that I would never trade for any others. One, that current bank systems, insurance companies, even political systems are not ready for. Or, at least, don’t support as much as they could. To share them with you with the purpose of making your life more enjoyable to live, where you can manage your energy, your time, your goals and dreams to any extent so that you make the most out of your life and mean the most to others.


It is not about a tiara and chiffon dresses unless you want it to be. I don’t care. A Princess we discuss here is not about appearances. Being a Princess is about how you live your life, the qualities and values you have, the mind and spirit you reinforce and promote with who you are. Modern Princess is an independent strong woman who reaches out for what she wants and gets it. She doesn’t need noble blood or her father being a king to go for what’s best. She is self-made. Like you and me.

She is a woman and she owns it and takes pride of it. And is humbled by it. Overall, she knows, that she is a human being so bullshit like ‘man are better than women’ or ‘I have to prove them wrong’ is not of her concern. Results are. Achievements are. Quality is. And so is looking fabulously. For herself. Well, maybe to inspire and awe others, too, a tiny bit.

She loves her life, no matter how hard it gets at times. She knows that who doesn’t risk doesn’t win. So she goes forward every day. No matter what. She gets tired at times but it never stops her from going for what she believes in. For what she deserves. At times, she may need more energy. That’s it.

She know how to enjoy life, even if at times she puts it on hold (Is several years still ‘hold’?) She loves distinct favours, cooking, great wine or energising green tea. She loves dancing or listening to music, or even composing. Painting, photography, visual arts are what she fancies. Running, swimming, laughing just as much so. And… love making. Definitely on her list (shhh… no matter when you were not tired enough to do it, we both know you love it).

Yet like every good Princess, she doesn’t care about herself only. She knows that there is so much more to life and that the secret of long-lasting happiness lies in serving others not in being served. This is why she sometimes chooses to work so hard and so many hours. People around her just have to get it.

Her Secret
Modern Princess doesn't follow her passion. Neither she follows her money. She chooses the path to where these two meet.
She is independent and vulnerable and as such is ready to accept help and guidance.
And she doesn't wait to have her live until after she meets her goals. She enjoys it as it unfolds.
Most of all, she doesn't give a fuck!
(Read more about advantages of not giving a fuck in About The Author blog post)
Plus, she has mastered managing her energy levels. And this is what 'Rekindle' is all about. And this is where you can get your own copy of chapter 1.
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